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eCommerce and Online Stores Melbourne

eCommerce is the trading of products or services on the Internet. It is a growing area of business and there is an increasing shift of brick-and-mortar stores onto the Web. Online Stores largely facilitate the eCommerce transactions, backed by secure data transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer and a reliable postal service.

The broad appeal of ebay.com shows buyer confidence in purchasing goods over the Internet.

Years ago customers were afraid to give their credit card details over the Internet, even to a reputable online store. Now we are seeing a shift. People are shopping online for cars, flowers, pizza, groceries, greeting cards, holidays... the list goes on.

Shoppers are ditching the "real world" in exchange for easier price comparison, faster delivery, faster transactions and, overall, the easier shopping experience provided by eCommerce.

  " ...more consumers are doing the majority of their shopping online..."

Creating an online store allows you to access a growing worldwide customer base and allows more scope for business expansion.

Growing your business in the eCommerce world, whether from scratch or some level of success, is easier, less expensive and less scary than you might think. Most operational principles are the same as operating a successful bricks-and-mortar store and there are fewer complications and much less financial outlay.

At Melbourne Online we develop online stores that are easy to run, easy to use and suite the look and feel of your business. Our online stores support a wide range of payment, ordering and databasing options. If required, the stores can be integrated into your existing accounting software package, meaning even less work for you.

We have an eCommerce solution to suit any business.

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Web design success is measured by the leads and profits it generates. We know this because we’re in business too.

From design through Search Engine Optimisation to ongoing Internet Marketing, we take pride in your success.

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